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Caching in ASP.NET

Karin Huber Saturday, January 19, 2008 by Karin Huber

There are a lot of ways to improve performance in web applications. One of the simplest but most effective methods is to cache images on the client. In this article I would like to show how we implemented image caching for our DotNetNuke website.

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Graphic In XAML And WPF

Rainer Stropek Sunday, January 13, 2008 by Rainer Stropek

In this article I want to describe the functions of XAML, WPF and Silverlight in the context of graphic. I will use the corporate logo of our new company as the sample for this article because it's XAML implementation uses quite a lot of the graphic functions of XAML.

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WPF Master Pages

Karin Huber Monday, January 7, 2008 by Karin Huber

One of the really great enhancements in ASP.NET was the introduction of master pages. They help developers to create a consistent layout for the pages in an application. Unfortunately there is no such concept in WPF and XAML. In the following sample I would like to show a simple way to build a control in WPF similar to an ASP.NET master page.

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