Speaking at See# Party about Framework Design Guidelines

30 August 2010 - .NET

On saturday I had the opportunity to speak about Framework Design Guidelines at the conference See# Party in Switzerland. Here are the key topics that I covered in my session:

  1. How to decide whether to make or buy a certain component/framework?
  2. Common naming rules in .NET/C# libraries
  3. Live demo of StyleCop and Code Analysis (FxCop)
  4. Design principles for making libraries self-describing
  5. Example: Library design in LINQ (extension methods, functional parameters, etc.)
  6. OO-Design: Class or structs? How/when to use interfaces? Etc.
  7. Correct use of collections
  8. Exceptions in class libraries
  9. Why unit testing is important?

You can download the slides for the session here (German): See Sharp Party 2010 - Framework Design Guidelines.