Updated samples for Windows Installer XML (WiX)

14 January 2015 - C#, Visual Studio

Image source: https://flic.kr/p/6ZJ4G7, under Creative Commons License

In my GitHub Samples repository I share all my newer samples and slide decks for trainings and workshops. In the last days I added new samples on Windows Installer XML (WiX) and updated Readme so the samples are easier to understand.

You can find the WiX samples of my GitHub Samples repository here.

Content of the WiX Samples

The repository currently contains samples covering the following topics:

  • Basics about creating MSI packages with WiX
  • Creating WiX projects as part of your .NET solutions in Visual Studio 2013
  • Properties and searches
  • Composite WPF applications with modular installers (single MSI, multiple CAB files for internet download)
  • Harvesting (especially COM DLLs)
  • Installing Windows Services with WiX
  • Custom Actions in C++ and C#
  • Custom WiX UIs
  • Adding features to Windows Server 2012 using WiX (especially enabling IIS + ASP.NET 4.5 with WiX)
  • Creating patches
  • Custom Burn bootstrapper UIs with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF


Although my main business is our SaaS solution time cockpit, I also offer trainings and workshops on various software development topics. MSI with WiX is one of them. If you like my samples and slides and you want to get a jump-start by doing a workshop with me, please contact me at rainer@timecockpit.com.