Container on Azure and CSharp Spans at dotnet Cologne

11 May 2019 - Docker, CSharp


Yesterday, I was at dotnet Cologne speaking about Container on Azure and Spans in CSharp. As every year, it was a great conference. Impressive, what community can do. In this post I publish links to the material I used in my sessions.

I had my video equipment with me to record the sessions. Unfortunately, I did a stupid mistake. I didn’t recognized a SD card running rull during my presentation. Therefore, I cannot publish yesterday’s videos here. However, in my YouTube channel you can find other videos on the topics I did at dotnet Cologne.

Container-as-a-Service in Azure

Im my session about Container-as-a-Service, I showed Azure Container Registry, Azure Container Instances, Web Apps for Containers, and Azure Kubernetes Service. The basis of my talk was an Azure CLI script. It is available on GitHub.

CSharp Span of T

My second topic was Span<T> in C#. We did a deep dive and looked behind the scenes to understand what it does, how it is implemented, and what it’s pros and cons are. Again, I did not do slides. Instead, I described Span<T> based on sample code I wrote. It is also available on GitHub.