Session at NRWConf 2011

09 September 2011 - Azure, Presentations

Like last year Rainer Stropek presents at NRWConf in Wuppertal. In his session Rainer speaks about Windows Azure und he demonstrates time cockpit at a booth and during a lunch session. Here is a short abstract about the content of Rainer's session:

Windows Server Rest in Peace

Ever asked yourself why Cloud Computing is considered a „disruptive technology“? Come and join Rainer Stropek in this session ans see, why Windows Azure is so fundamentaly different than everything you used to know from your on-premise data center. Network, servers, load balancers, fabric, CDN – after the session you will have a clear understanding about Microsoft‘s „operating system for the cloud“.  

If you are interested you can download the Slide Deck of Rainer. If you want to try time cockpit and did not find the time to grab your voucher for the extended 3 month trial period send us an email to We will be happy to send you the access code.