DevOne 2019 - Blazor Starship Travel Demo

11 April 2019 - ASPNET Core, ASPNET, Blazor, WebAssembly, SPA

Today, I did a talk at the DevOne conference in Linz. My topic was ASP.NET Core Blazor. In 30 minutes, I had to give the audience an idea, what Blazor is capable of doing. In this post, I share the material I used in my session.

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ICCC - Azure Container Registry

09 April 2019 - Azure, Container, Docker, CLI, Registry

Today, I do a talk about Azure Container Registry at the Intelligent Cloud Conference in Copenhagen. In this post you find my material (scripts) and a recording of my session.

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Azure DevCamp Vienna - Docker on Azure

26 March 2019 - Azure, Container, Docker, CLI

Learn how to use Docker on Azure. Material I used during Azure DevCamp Vienna 2019.

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Managed Identities and Azure Key Vault

26 September 2018 - Azure, .NET, JWT, Node

Learn how to manage your secrets using Managed Identities for Azure Resources and Azure Key Vault.

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Techorama Belgium 2018 - Async Programming with JavaScript and TypeScript

23 May 2018 - JavaScript, TypeScript

Its Techorama in Belgium again. This time I speak about async programming with JavaScript and TypeScript. In this blog post I would like to share my sample code and the recording of the session.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

17 January 2018 - Visual Studio, Software Quality Days, Testing, VSTS

Today, I had the honor to represent Microsoft at the Tools Challenge of the Software Quality Days 2018 in Vienna. The audience voted - and we won :-)

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TechDays Sweden 2017 - Dockerizing .NET Apps

26 October 2017 - .NET, Docker, Microservices, TechDays

Yesterday, I did a session about Dockerizing .NET applications at TechDays Sweden. In this blog post, I share a recording of my talk and the slides that I used.

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Exporting a Deezer Playlist

01 October 2017 - Node.js

Today I had to export a playlist from Deezer for an event. The DJ who will care for the event's music asked me for title ideas. I have hacked together a quick-and-dirty Node.js script that generates a Markdown music list from Deezer playlists. Maybe it is useful for other people, too.

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BASTA 2017 - Recordings and Session Material

27 September 2017 - BASTA, .NET, Docker, Microservices, Visual Studio, Yarn, NPM

September is BASTA! time. It has become a beloved tradition for me to travel in Autumn to Mainz to speak at the BASTA! conference. This year, my workshop, session and keynote topics were .NET, microservices and web dev technology. In this blog post I share my session material and recordings.

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.NET Stammtisch Linz - Dockerizing .NET Apps

26 July 2017 - .NET, Docker, Container, Visual Studio

Yesterday, I did a session at the .NET Stammtisch Linz. I spoke about latest Docker developments relevant for .NET developers. I focused on new features in Visual Studio and .NET base images available in the Docker Hub for .NET Core and .NET Framework 4.7. In this post I share a recording of my session. Take a look if you want to hear me speaking in my native Upper Austrian dialect ;-)

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