TechDays Sweden 2017 - Dockerizing .NET Apps

26 October 2017 - .NET, Docker, Microservices, TechDays


Yesterday, I did a session about Dockerizing .NET applications at TechDays Sweden. In this blog post, I share a recording of my talk and the slides that I used. Here is the abstract of the session:

.NET works best if you mix in a little bit of Docker. In this live coding session, long-time Azure MVP Rainer Stropek shows you the power of Docker by using it to create a cross-platform web solution. He will use Visual Studio to create a RESTful Web API with ASP.NET Core and package it into a Docker image. You will see how Rainer uses a VSTS build agent running in Docker to do CI/CD for Docker images in the Docker Hub. Rainer shows how you can smoothly test app on your Windows 10 development machine using Linux containers with Docker for Windows. Last but not least, he will walk you through publishing the container-based Web API in Azure App Service. Be prepared for a fast-paced coding session that might change your view on what’s possible if you combine the best of .NET and Docker.


You can find my samples about .NET and Docker in one of my GitHub repositories. The slides are also available on GitHub