Deep Dive into C# 7 - Part II

23 May 2017 - C#, CSharp, Roslyn

Recently, I have been doing some conference sessions about C# 7. My next talk in that series will be at Techorama in Belgium tomorrow. In this blog post I summarize the talk and share the samples I will do.

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Deeper Look Into Whats New in C# 7

10 May 2017 - C#, CSharp, Roslyn

Recently, I have been doing some conference sessions about C# 7. In this blog post I share my samples and a video from MD-DevDays.

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Material from Global Azure Bootcamp Austria 2017

07 May 2017 - Azure, GAB

This year, we organized the Austrian event of the Global Azure Bootcamp in Linz again. It was a great day. We had more than 20 speakers talking about Azure and related technologies. In this blog post we share slides and samples presented in the sessions.

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TechDays 2017 - Dockerizing .NET Core

16 February 2017 - Docker, .NET, VSTS

Next week I will do a session for the TechDays Online event. I am really looking forward to it. My session is part of the open source track and I will talk about how to combine .NET Core, Docker and VSTS. In this blog post I summarize all the steps and tips that I demo in my session.

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Resources for Learning TypeScript and Angular

02 December 2016 - TypeScript, Angular

I regularly do trainings and workshops about web development with TypeScript and Angular. This week, I worked with a group of developers who have a non-web development background. They asked me to summarize the most important readings for learning about modern web development. Their problem isn't a lack of information. The amount of information on the internet is overwhelming and they asked for the really important resources. Here is my best-of-list.

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API Summit Berlin

22 November 2016 - DevOps, C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Azure

For the next two days, I will be at the first API Summit in Berlin. I will do the keynote and two sessions about serverless cloud computing and .NET Core fundamentals. In this blog post I share slides and samples of my talks.

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DevOps Sessions at Container Conf

15 November 2016 - DevOps, Windows, Docker

Today, I will do two sessions at the Continous Lifecycle and Container Conference in Germany. As usual, my sessions will be very much cloud related. My firsts session is about container technology in the Microsoft universe. My second one covers Nano Server, the cloud-optimized version of Windows. In this blog post I share my slides and samples.

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Docker Image and ARM Template for Minecraft Modding with .NET Core

10 November 2016 - CSharp, Minecraft, DotNet

Currently, I am at Microsoft's MVP Summit in Redmond. Today is hackathon day. I decided to join the group dealing with Minecraft modding in .NET Core and C#. I created a Docker image and an ARM template to make it super simple to spin up a Minecraft server fully configured to be programmed with .NET. This article describes the code and contains all links.

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Lightning Talk at MVP Summit - Minecraft and JavaScript at CoderDojo

07 November 2016 - CoderDojo, Minecraft, JavaScript

Beside my job, I am co-founder and organizer of a local CoderDojo. CoderDojos are programming clubs for kids. At Microsoft's MVP Summit in Redmond I do a lighting talk about how we use Minecraft + JavaScript to get kids motivated to learn coding with JavaScript. In this article I share links for attendees who want to reproduce my demos.

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ADC 2016 -Keynote and Session Material

24 October 2016 - ADC, Azure, .NET

At this year's Advanced Developer Conference (ADC) in Germany, I did the vision keynote and a session about Azure Active Directory B2C. The keynote was about the future of enterprise software development. In this blog article I publish the material for my talks including all slides.

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