Material from Global Azure Bootcamp Austria 2017

07 May 2017 - Azure, GAB


This year, we organized the Austrian event of the Global Azure Bootcamp in Linz again. It was a great day. We had more than 20 speakers talking about Azure and related technologies. In this blog post we share slides and samples presented in the sessions.

A big thank you to all people who contributed to this community event. Additionally, we want to thank our sponsors. Without their support, the GAB would not be possible.


Pleasently many attendees (nearly 50%) filled out the evaluation form.

  • We are very happy that the overall rating of the event was very good.
    (1.28 with 1 = best and 5 = worst)

  • Venue (1.18) and food (1.52) also got very good feedback.

  • Nearly all responders would recommend the GAB to colleagues and friends.
    (1.12 with 1 = absolutely sure and 5 = surely not)

Thank you for this great feedback. That’s a huge motivation for GAB 2018.

Congratulations to the top “five” speakers of GAB 2017 (in fact they are seven because of a tie):

  • Rainer Stropek: Azure Functions
  • Wolfgang Strasser: Power BI
  • Manfred Steyer: Angular and Azure
  • Toni Pohl: Power Apps
  • Raphael Schwarz: Optimizing Data-oriented Web APIs
  • Roman Schacherl: Logic Apps
  • Christoph Wille: Service Fabric

Slides and Samples

Are you missing a slide deck from you favorite speaker? Let us know. We will ask the speaker to send you the material directly.


Global Azure Bootcamp 2017