Workshop - What's New in Visual Studio 2012 for C++ Developers

25 March 2013 - CPP, Visual Studio

For a Microsoft event we have been hired to do a full-day workshop about news in Visual Studio 2012 for C++ developers. The workshop took place at Microsoft's Innovation Center in Vienna last Friday. In this blog article you find the slides and the samples that I have used in the workshop.


On the one hand I covered language-related features (C++ 11) and on the other hand I talked about enhancements in the Visual Studio IDE. Here is a list of topics I touched during the workshop day:

  • Visual Studio 2012 improvements over 2008
    • New Shell
    • New Editor 
    • Better Intellisense 
    • Unit Testing 
    • Code Coverage Code Analysis 
    • #include completion 
    • Navigate To 
    • Type visualizers
  • C++ 11 features (motivation, demo)
    • auto
    • decltype
    • range-based for loop
    • lambdas
    • explicit overrides
    • static_assert
    • nullptr
    • enum classes
    • move-semantics
    • variadic templates
    • initializer_lists
    • delegating constructors
    • explicit conversion operators



Download the samples (ZIP-File).