End-to-end sample for Visual Studio Online "Monaco" with TypeScript and AngularJS

12 March 2014 - Azure, time cockpit, TypeScript, Visual Studio

In this video I show an end-to-end example for programming with Visual Studio Online "Monaco". Monaco is currently in preview available for Windows Azure Websites. The sample uses TypeScript and AngularJS. Everything is done in the browser: Editing, compiling, package management, etc. The sample accesses an early prototype of the OData provider of time cockpit.

Content of the Sample

  • How to build a web application entirely in the browser using Visual Studio Online "Monaco" and Windows Azure Websites
    • Editor
    • Working with NPM through the browser-based command prompt
    • Compiling TypeScript using Monaco
  • Consuming an OData feed using JQuery
  • AngularJS basics (e.g. data binding, setting up a controller, etc.)
  • Using TypeScript to program with JQuery and AngularJS