Global Windows Azure Bootcamp Retrospect

30 March 2014 - Azure

Yesterday was the day - the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp (GWAB) took place at over 135 locations all around the globe. We organized the Austrian GWAB at the HTBLA in Leonding.

Although the GWAB Austria had to compete with a beautiful, sunny spring day, we could welcome 65 attendees. With this, the GWAB 2014 has been the largest Azure community event in Austria ever. Ten top speakers delivered 14 session in two different tracks (Basics and Deep Dive track). Three sponsors made it possible to serve free snacks and drinks throughout the day.

I want to personally thank all attendees, speakers, sponsors, assistants, friends, and colleagues. Without your help we could not have brought GWAB to Leonding. A very special thank you goes to Ewald Feilmair, the head of the computer science department of the HTBLA Leonding, for inviting us to his school.


I would like to ask those of you who attended the GWAB 2014 in Leonding to fill out the evaluation form. Your feedback influences whether there will be a GWAB 2015 and, if there will be on, how it will be organized. Thank's a lot for your help.


Here are the slide decks of the speakers who already sent them to me. Have you been a speaker and your deck is not included? Please drop me an email with your slides.


I took a few photos during the event yesterday.

You can view and download the pictures in my Flickr album.