BASTA 2016 - Workshop and Session Material

25 September 2016 - BASTA, C#, .NET, Visual Studio, Azure


After so many years being a presenter at BASTA!, I think I can call my self a veteran at this conference. This year, I did a full-day C# workshop focussing on .NET Core, a session about C# Code Reviews, a session about Visual Studio “15”, and finally a lab about developer tools in Azure. In this blog article I share the sample code and slides of my talks.

C# Workshop

On day one of the BASTA conference I did a full-day C# workshop focussing on .NET Core. I was amazed and happy that nearly 100 people attended my workshop :-)

As usual, I have put all my workshop material including sample code and slides on GitHub. Feel free to use it, share it, play with it, send me pull requests, etc. If you prefer skipping through the slides without downloading, here are the slides on Speaker Deck:

Surviving C# Code Reviews

This has been a completely new session for me. I created it especially for this conference. Here is the abstract of the session translated in English:

It often happens that organizations hire external consultants to review the architecture and code quality of C# and .NET projects. As a consultant, Rainer Stropek does such projects regularly all across Europe. In this session, Rainer shares his process, tools and checklists for review projects. Additionally, he describes how he sets up teams and tools so that they shine in reviews. If you do internal or external reviews or you are faced with reviews yourself, this is the right session for you. You will get lots of tips, tools, links and checklists out of this Rainer’s session.

I published the session on Speaker Deck:

If you prefer PDF (with working links), here are the slides for download.

What’s New for C# Developers in Visual Studio “15”

This session was mainly dedicated to C# 7. People were very interested in this topic, the room was packed with hundreds of developers :-)

The session was 100% live coding and I used no slides. The session was professionally recorded so a video will be available in the near future. I created a documented version of the samples I showed during the session for those of you who want to recap what I demoed. As usual, these samples are on GitHub. They have been tested on Visual Studio “15” Preview 4.

Cloud Revolution Lab

On the third day of BASTA, I did a half-day, demo-only lab about developer tools in the cloud. My goal was to show how productive development can be if you use cloud-based tools like Azure, VSTS, or myget. We had 20 available seats in this lab and were fully booked :-)

This session had no slides and the code is not very interesting because we focussed on the cloud tools, not on the coding. Therefore, I cannot offer you material to download. However, if you attended the lab and you have questions, feel free to contact me at