BASTA Austria 2012 - TypeScript - JavaScript on Steroids

22 November 2012 - TypeScript

At BASTA Austria 2012 I did a session about TypeScript. I introduced the new language and showed demos in the browser (with jQuery, require.js, etc.) and on the server (with node.js).


I have published my slides at slideshare. As an alternative you can download the slides as PDF here.

TypeScript - JavaScript on Steroids from Rainer Stropek

Sample Code

In the session I talked about TypeScript language capabilities using a sample I have written for a magazine article. You can find this sample here.

Additionally I have created a sample demonstrating how to share TypeScript (=JavaScript) code between browser (with jQueryrequire.js, etc.) and server (with node.js and express.js). You can download the sample project (Visual Studio 2012) here. If you know JavaScript you should really download the solution and give it a try. You will see IntelliSense and strong type checking for jQuery, require, node, and express :-)