JavaScript/TypeScript Training Resources

31 July 2016 - TypeScript

We regularly do JavaScript and TypeScript trainings. In this blog article I collect important links and demos we typically do during such trainings.

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Quality Improvements with Azure Automation

11 July 2016 - Azure

To err is human. However, errors should only be made once. Automating routine tasks is a good approach for preventing human mistakes. Microsoft Azure offers lots of possibilities to automate recurring tasks. In this video (German), time cockpit's CEO, Rainer Stropek, describes how you can save time and get more from your Azure investments with automating tasks.

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Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 - Nachlese

18 April 2016 - Azure

Am Samstag fand das Global Azure Bootcamp in Linz im Wissensturm statt. Mit 111 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern haben wir unser Ziel mehr als erreicht. Wir sagen Danke an alle Personen, die zum Gelingen des Tages beigetragen haben. In diesem Blogartikel stelle ich Vortragsunterlagen und Fotos vom Event zur Verfügung.

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Global Azure Bootcamp 2016

15 April 2016 - Azure

Morgen ist es soweit, das Global Azure Bootcamp 2016 findet statt. 120 angemeldete Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer, 23 Sessions - wir werden dieses Jahr alle Rekorde aus den Vorjahren sprengen. In diesem Blogartikel fassen wir die wichtigsten Informationen und Links für morgen zusammen.

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Create Dump of MongoDB on Windows using Docker Machine

10 April 2016 - Docker

Recently, I have been doing some programming work using the MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node). I use a Windows PC as my dev box and host my Mongo databases on Mongo Labs (mLabs) in Azure. Therefore, I need to create dumps as backups. In this blog article I summarize how I do that with Docker Machine.

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First IT-Visions Information Day in Linz

31 January 2016 - Conferences and Workshops

On January, 25th the first IT-Visions information day has taken place in Linz. Roman Schacherl, Raphael Schwarz and Rainer Stropek were talking about what's new in .NET, ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2015, in Microsoft Azure, in mobile development and Universal Windows Platform.

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NRWConf - Docker on Azure for Devs

09 October 2015 - Docker

Today I will do a session about Docker on Azure for software developers at NRWConf 2015 in Wuppertal (Germany). For that talk I updated my slides and samples so they run with latest version of ASP.NET 5 (beta 7). Here are the updated slides and a link to the sample code.

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RESTful Web API Design

18 September 2015 - AngularJS, HTML5, OData, TypeScript

Yesterday I did a workshop at the Software Architecture Summit in Berlin. More than 60 software architects came to my sessions about RESTful Web API Design. In this blog article I share my slides, code, and links to tools/technologies I mentioned. I hope you find the resources useful.

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Technologieplauscherl - .NET on Linux, Docker, and Azure

20 August 2015 - .NET, Azure, C#

Today I will do a session at a local user group called Technologieplauscherl. It is an informal meeting of people interested in technology. The topic I am going to speak about is Microsoft .NET and its new relationship with Linux, open source, and Docker.

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Webinar - Information Security in the Azure Cloud (German)

22 May 2015 - Azure

Today Microsoft Austria and I wanted to do a webinar concerning information security in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Unfortunately there were technical problems with the platform on which the webinar should have taken place. Therefore we had to cancel it. In this blog article I share a video with the content I wanted to present.

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