NRWConf - Docker on Azure for Devs

09 October 2015 - Docker

Today I will do a session about Docker on Azure for software developers at NRWConf 2015 in Wuppertal (Germany). For that talk I updated my slides and samples so they run with latest version of ASP.NET 5 (beta 7). Here are the updated slides and a link to the sample code.

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RESTful Web API Design

18 September 2015 - AngularJS, HTML5, OData, TypeScript

Yesterday I did a workshop at the Software Architecture Summit in Berlin. More than 60 software architects came to my sessions about RESTful Web API Design. In this blog article I share my slides, code, and links to tools/technologies I mentioned. I hope you find the resources useful.

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Technologieplauscherl - .NET on Linux, Docker, and Azure

20 August 2015 - .NET, Azure, C#

Today I will do a session at a local user group called Technologieplauscherl. It is an informal meeting of people interested in technology. The topic I am going to speak about is Microsoft .NET and its new relationship with Linux, open source, and Docker.

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Webinar - Information Security in the Azure Cloud (German)

22 May 2015 - Azure

Today Microsoft Austria and I wanted to do a webinar concerning information security in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Unfortunately there were technical problems with the platform on which the webinar should have taken place. Therefore we had to cancel it. In this blog article I share a video with the content I wanted to present.

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Techorama - Docker for Software Developers

12 May 2015 - ASP.NET

At Techorama conference in Belgium I do a session for developers who heard about Docker and wonder why it would be relevant for them. What is different about Docker? Why could it be useful for web developers? How can it be used on Azure? It is a Docker intro session in which I demo the application of Docker in web development scenarios. In this blog post I share my slides and samples.

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Dotnet Cologne - WPF to Web

12 May 2015 - Azure, time cockpit

Changing the UI technology from WPF/Silverlight to HTML/JavaScript in a large project is a real challange especially for a rather small team like ours. At this year's dotnet Cologne conferenceI did a session about the architectural decisions we made. Additionally, I spoke about how we organize the project so that it can run smoothly side by side to our daily business.

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Dotnet Cologne - OWIN and ASP.NET 5 Fundamentals (Video)

12 May 2015 - .NET, ASP.NET

OWIN decouples ASP.NET web application from a specific web server like IIS. At this year's dotnet Cologne conference I spent an hour speaking about the fundamental ideas of OWIN. Additionally, I showed how the OWIN concepts translate to ASP.NET 5. As this was a code-only talk, I recorded the sessions. In this post you find the video (German).

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Video - Linux and Docker on Microsoft Azure

08 May 2015 - Azure

Yesterday I did a short session about Linux and Docker on Microsoft Azure at Linuxwochen in Vienna. Goal was to offer a short introduction to Docker on Azure for people who are working with Linux. In this blog article I pulish my slides, the source code of the samples, and the video recording.

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Global Azure Bootcamp 2015 - Slides and Photos

03 May 2015 - Azure

A week ago we hosted the Austrian event of the Global Azure Bootcamp. It was a great day. We could welcome 91 attendees which is +40% compared to last year. Many people asked for the session slides. Here are the links to all the slides decks that the GAB speakers sent to me.

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Global Azure Bootcamp - Web Apps Session

23 April 2015 - Azure

This Saturday, the Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB) will take place. We organize the local even in Austria. I will do a session about Azure App Services Web Apps. In this blog article I publish the recording of this session.

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