BASTA Videos (German) - Docker and Performance Optimization

22 April 2015 - Azure, C#

At BASTA Spring 2015 some of my session were recorded. The recordings about Docker for software developers and .NET performance optimization tips and tricks are now online. Here are the links and videos.

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Shades of Gray in SVG - How to Get a Sharp Black Line

22 March 2015 - HTML, HTML5, SVG

In HTML5 the new svg element was introduced. It allows you to embed SVG graphics in html. You can build really cool things with svg - from fancy looking interactive charts to games running in the browser. But what if you just want to draw a straight 1px line? Well, that's not that easy. I got lots of different results for different browsers.

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Angular + Cloud Services = Dream Team for Small Projects

12 March 2015 - AngularJS, Azure

For one of my private hobbies (keeping honey bees), I recently needed a simple registration form. It should just ask for a few data items, use a captcha to protect from spam, save the registrations in a DB, and send me notification emails. Within a few hours everything was up and running. In this blog post I share the code and describe the cloud components you can use to rapidly solve such a requirement.

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Tri-State Check Box in HTML with AngularJS and TypeScript

26 February 2015 - AngularJS, HTML, TypeScript

HTML does not support tri-state checkboxes by default. There is an indeterminate attribute to indicate that the value is undefined but there is no way to set a checkbox back to indeterminate through the user interface once it has been checked or unchecked. The following sample shows how to build an AngularJS directive for a tri-state checkbox with TypeScript.

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BASTA Spring 2015 - C# and .NET Performancetuning

25 February 2015 - C#, Visual Studio

Project completed, application shipped - but customer isn't happy with the performance. What now? At the German BASTA 2015 conference I will do two sessions about performance optimization in .NET applications. In this blog article I share the slides and links to my samples.

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BASTA Spring 2015 - Docker

24 February 2015 - Azure

Docker is an important topic for Microsoft especially with the Azure cloud computing platform. As ASP.NET vNext supports Linux, developers can start exploring Docker Containers for running their applications in Linux Azure VMs now. At German BASTA 2015 conference I did an intro-session about Docker on Microsoft Azure.

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BASTA Spring 2015 - C# Workshop

19 February 2015 - C#, Visual Studio

Spring time is BASTA time - -) For many years I have had the possibility to open the German BASTA conference with a full-day C# workshop on Monday. This year I will focus on C# 6 news, Roslyn, and related NuGet "gold" nuggets. In this blog article I share my slides and code samples with you.

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ASP.NET, Docker, and Linux in Azure

05 February 2015 - Azure, Visual Studio

In the last months I looked at Docker from a software development perspective. The results can be read in the current issue of the German Windows Developer magazine and in a Channel9 video.

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02 February 2015 - Azure, Visual Studio

In this blog article I summarize important links you will need when building a lab environment for demonstrating ADAL, ADFS & Co.

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OOP 2015 - ALM in the Cloud with Visual Studio Online and Azure

27 January 2015 - Azure, Project Management, Visual Studio

At OOP 2015 conference, I will do a session about ALM in the cloud. As always I try to show mostly practical samples instead of boring slides. In this blog post I summarize the talk and reference important resources that I will mention.

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