ASP.NET, Docker, and Linux in Azure

05 February 2015 - Azure, Visual Studio

In the last months I looked at Docker from a software development perspective. The results can be read in the current issue of the German Windows Developer magazine and in a Channel9 video.

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02 February 2015 - Azure, Visual Studio

In this blog article I summarize important links you will need when building a lab environment for demonstrating ADAL, ADFS & Co.

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OOP 2015 - ALM in the Cloud with Visual Studio Online and Azure

27 January 2015 - Azure, Project Management, Visual Studio

At OOP 2015 conference, I will do a session about ALM in the cloud. As always I try to show mostly practical samples instead of boring slides. In this blog post I summarize the talk and reference important resources that I will mention.

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Updated samples for Windows Installer XML (WiX)

14 January 2015 - C#, Visual Studio

In my GitHub Samples repository I share all my newer samples and slide decks for trainings and workshops. In the last days I added new samples on Windows Installer XML (WiX) and updated Readme so the samples are easier to understand.

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.NET Infoday - What's New in C# 6?

04 December 2014 - C#, Visual Studio

At IT-Visions' .NET InfoDay 2015 in Graz, my friend Roman Schacherl and I will do a session about new features in C# 6. In this blog article I summarize the content of the talk and make the sample available for download.

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AngularJS Provider in TypeScript

24 October 2014 - TypeScript

AngularJS samples written in TypeScript are not that common on the internet. I get frequently asked how to write an AngularJS provider in TypeScript. Here is a "Hello World" sample.

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Shipping large MSI installers via Azure Blob Storage

08 October 2014 - Azure, Visual Studio

Recently I did a WiX (Windows Installer XML) and MSI training at a customer in Germany. One of the questions I got asked was how to deliver large MSI installers efficiently to customers via web. The goal was to minimize download time. In this blog article I describe a possible approach.

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Windows Installer XML Training

06 October 2014 - Visual Studio

This week I will do another one of my Windows Installer XML (WiX) trainings in Germany. In this blog article I summarize the prerequisites that participants need in order to follow along the samples.

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Custom OData Provider Without Underlying DB

25 September 2014 - OData

Today I will do my OData session at BASTA conference in Mainz again. This time I have a bit more time so I will add a demo of creating a custom OData provider without any underlying database. The result is generated based on the OData query on the fly. In this blog article I share the code.

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BASTA 2014 Keynote - Die neue Offenheit

23 September 2014 - .NET, Azure

Gleich geht es auf der BASTA 2014 in Mainz auf die große Bühne für die Keynote. Hier eine Zusammenfassung einiger meiner Gedanken zum Thema neue Offenheit bei Microsoft.

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