ALM Days - Unit Testing with Stubs, Shims, and MS Fakes

25 February 2014 - C#, Visual Studio

At ALM Days my second talk is about unit testing with Microsoft Fakes, Stubs, and Shims. Here is the sample that I am going to use.

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Customizing Build Workflows in Visual Studio Online

21 February 2014 - Azure, TFS, Visual Studio

At TechEd 2013 I did a talk about build in the cloud. For ALM Days next week, Microsoft invited me to do an updated version of this session. So I brought my samples up-to-date and switched to Git. In this blog post I describe what I will demo during the session.

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Video and Sample for Azure Mobile Services + TypeScript + AngularJS Talk

18 February 2014 - TypeScript, Visual Studio

I regularly do talks about developing with Windows Azure Mobile Services, TypeScript, and AngularJS. Today I am speaker at the .NET user group in Vienna. For this talk I updated my sample to the latest version of AngularJS and TypeScript. Additionally I recorded the talk (German).

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BASTA 2014 Spring - C# Workshop

18 February 2014 - C#, Visual Studio

At BASTA 2014 Spring conference I will do a full-day C# workshop again. This time we have over 90 registrations, wow! This huge interest in the workshop is awesome. In this blog article I summarize important resources for the workshop. Use them to follow the samples or recall the topics after the workshop.

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Software Quality Days 2014 - Model Driven Development and Testing

16 January 2014 - C#, TFS, Visual Studio

Yesterday we represented Microsoft and their Team Foundation Server in the Tools Challenge at the Software Quality Days 2014 in Vienna. The topic was Model Driven Development and Testing. The great news - We won - -) Read more about what we have demonstrated during the challenge.

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Cloudconf 2013 Berlin - Windows Azure Active Directory

05 December 2013 - Azure

Yesterday I was speaker at the Cloudconf 2013 in Berlin. My first session was about Windows Azure Websites. The second one was an introduction into Windows Azure Active Directory. I recorded the second session (German). Here it is.

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Okay, the Cloud. But what's in it for me and my business?

18 November 2013 - Azure

I was part of a keynote panel for this year's WebTech Conference in Munich. We discussed the business value of the cloud. In this blog post you find the recording of the keynote.

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Sourcecode Review Criteria

05 November 2013 - .NET, C#, Project Management, Visual Studio

Customers regularly hire me to do code reviews for software projects. Over the years I put together my personal checklist. In this blog article I share a summary of it with you. Note that the checklist is in German. However, the article contains a link to auto-translate it in English.

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What's New For Devs in Win8.1

04 November 2013 - Azure, Mobile, Visual Studio

One of our partners, IT-Visions, invited me to speak at their VS2013/Win8.1 What's New event in Munich today. Of course I am happy to participate. During the session I will demo new features from VS2013, Windows Store app development, and Windows Azure Mobile Services.

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WebTech 2013 - Interview about TypeScript

31 October 2013 - TypeScript

Yesterday at the WebTech 2013 conference in Munich I did an interview with Corinna Kern from Software and Support Media. Here is the video (German).

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