WebTech Conference Munich

30 October 2013 - Azure, TypeScript

Today I am here at the WebTech Conference in Munich speaking about cloud computing and web technologies. In this blog post you find some photos and links to the material that I will use during my sessions.

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AngularJS with TypeScript and Windows Azure Mobile Services

17 October 2013 - Azure, TypeScript

In the coming two weeks I will do a series of talks at various conferences in Austria and Germany. I will speak about AngularJS, TypeScript, and Windows Azure Mobile Services. In this blog post I publish the slides and the sample code.

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BASTA 2013 - Android Development with Xamarin, C#, and Azure Mobile Services

24 September 2013 - .NET, Android, Azure, Visual Studio

The Xamarin and Mono tools enable C# developers to use their existing knowledge and experience to write apps for Android and iOS. At the BASTA 2013 conference I did a session about that topic. During the session I showed a sample that used SQLite on the phone and Windows Azure Mobile Service as its backend in the cloud. In this blog article I publish my slides as well as the sample code.

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BASTA 2013 - C# Workshop

23 September 2013 - .NET, C#, MEF, Visual Studio, WPF

Meine Vorträge auf der BASTA 2013 starten heute mit einem ganztägigen C# Workshop. In diesem Blogartikel stelle ich Unterlagen und Links, die ich dabei verwende, zur Verfügung

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SQLPASS Session about Windows Azure Table Storage

19 September 2013 - Azure, SQL

Today I will do a session in a SQLPASS community meeting in Vienna about Windows Azure Table Storage. The audience mainly consists of SQL experts and I have been invited to describe similarities and differences of SQL Azure and Table Storage. In this article I want to summarize important links that people who are interested in the details could use.

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Saving Money in the Cloud with Async Programming

03 September 2013 - .NET, ASP.NET, Azure, C#, SQL

Today I do a session at Herbstcampus Nürnberg about changes in .NET’s 4.5 Base Class Library (BCL). Of course the primary topic is async programming as this is by far the most important change. As always I try to demonstrate not only the pure technology. I want to show practical examples about how you benefit from it in everyday life.

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Imagine Cup - Three Gold Medals, What a Night!

11 July 2013 - Microsoft

Today was the day of the truth. How would my Indian and Austrian mentees score in Microsoft's Imagine Cup. Finally it was a huge success for all of us. We can celebrate three gold medals.

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Microsoft Imagine Cup in St. Petersburg

10 July 2013 - Microsoft

Currently I am at the worldwide finals of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup in St. Petersburg/Russia. It is my first time to Imagine Cup and I am deeply impressed. I was invited to come to St. Petersburg as a mentor for two teams of students, one from India (Y’nots) and one from Austria (Zeppelin Studio). Both teams did a great job presenting their projects in front of the judges yesterday. Congratulations!

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Impressions from MS TechEd 2013 Madrid

01 July 2013 - Conferences and Workshops

Some photos I took at MS TechEd 2013 in Madrid

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MS TechEd 2013 Talk - Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Services and Windows Azure Websites

26 June 2013 - .NET, ASP.NET, Azure, C#, TFS, Visual Studio

At Microsoft TechEd 2013 I do a session about Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Services and Windows Azure Websites. In this blog article you find the source code and a video of the sample.

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