Imagine Cup - Three Gold Medals, What a Night!

11 July 2013 - Microsoft

Today was the day of the truth. How would my Indian and Austrian mentees score in Microsoft's Imagine Cup. Finally it was a huge success for all of us. We can celebrate three gold medals.

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Microsoft Imagine Cup in St. Petersburg

10 July 2013 - Microsoft

Currently I am at the worldwide finals of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup in St. Petersburg/Russia. It is my first time to Imagine Cup and I am deeply impressed. I was invited to come to St. Petersburg as a mentor for two teams of students, one from India (Y’nots) and one from Austria (Zeppelin Studio). Both teams did a great job presenting their projects in front of the judges yesterday. Congratulations!

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Impressions from MS TechEd 2013 Madrid

01 July 2013 - Conferences and Workshops

Some photos I took at MS TechEd 2013 in Madrid

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MS TechEd 2013 Talk - Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Services and Windows Azure Websites

26 June 2013 - .NET, ASP.NET, Azure, C#, TFS, Visual Studio

At Microsoft TechEd 2013 I do a session about Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Services and Windows Azure Websites. In this blog article you find the source code and a video of the sample.

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Custom Code Activities in TF Service Build

10 June 2013 - .NET, Azure, C#, TFS

Recently, Microsoft launched their hosted Team Foundation Service which includes the ability to use customized workflows including custom code activities. Last week, I gave the feature a spin and here’s a few things that I tripped over.

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Parallel 2013 Conference - Workshop Parallel Programming

17 May 2013 - .NET, C#, Visual Studio

On May 17th I did a workshop on parallel programming at parallel 2013 conference in Karlsruhe. The attendees asked me to publish some of the live coding samples I did. In this blog you can find the samples.

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Exploring C++ Inheritance (2 of 2)

17 May 2013 - CPP, Visual Studio

In the first entry discussing C++ inheritance, I covered how basic inheritance works - A hidden pointer to a virtual function pointer table is used to dispatch to the correct method. I pointed out that the addresses of the objects, no matter how I casted them around stayed the same. Now this was pretty straightforward for single inheritance, but you will see why this becomes quite special with multiple inheritance.

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Exploring C++ Inheritance (1 of 2)

17 May 2013 - CPP, Visual Studio

Quite a while ago - still working with Rarebyte - I was designing a class library for game related stuff. Naively ensured that OOP was the only real solution to scaling software, we did a lot of (multiple) inheritance and packed stuff into the library, most of what we never needed anyhow. At one point the question came up on how this was implemented and if we actually knew what this (multiple inheritance especially) meant to the data structures. With self-competence I garbled something about function pointers and tables and a hidden pointer in every object etc. What it meant exactly, I didn't know.

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dotnet Cologne 2013 - async/await

03 May 2013 - .NET, C#, Visual Studio, WPF

This year at dotnet Cologne I have proposed a 60 minutes live-coding talk about async/await. It was really accepted and I even got the large ballroom. Wow, live coding in front more than 100 developers. This will be awesome. In this blog I post the sample that I am going to develop on stage.

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Workshop about Agile Development and Scrum

29 April 2013 - .NET, Visual Studio

Last week I did a workshop for a customer on agile software development and scrum. In this blog post I publish the slides that I have used.

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