Webcast and videos to learn about Azure

02 December 2010 - Azure

During the last few weeks I have done a few workshops and trainings about the Windows Azure Platform all across Austria. For those people who could not attend I have put together some important dates for webcasts in which you can learn about Windows Azure. Additionally I would like to point you to a webcast recording about getting started with the Windows Azure November 2010 release.

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Custom SSIS Data Source For Loading Azure Tables Into SQL Server

12 November 2010 - Azure

Yesterday the wether in Frankfurt was horrible and so my plane from Berlin was late. I missed my connection flight to Linz and had to stay in a hotel in Frankfurt. Therefore I had some time and I used it for implementing a little sample showing how you can use a customer SSIS data source to easily transfer data from Windows Azure Table Storage to SQL Server databases using the ETL tool "SQL Server Integration Services" (SSIS).

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TechEd 2010 - Multi-Tenant Architectures in Software-as-a-Service Solutions

10 November 2010 - time cockpit

Today I will do a session at Microsoft TechEd Europe 2010 in Berlin. In the next few paragraphs I want to quickly summarize the introduction of the talk for those of you who are interested but did not make it to Berlin.

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Webcast - Windows Azure Storage

26 October 2010 - Azure

Yesterday I wrote a tutorial that demonstrates how to use the different storage technologies of the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform (see article Windows Azure Storage in my blog). Some people do not like to read long tutorials, they prefer watching a how-to-video. Therefore I created a series of videos that show how to use SQL Azure, Windows Azure Table Storage, Queues and Blob Storage.

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Windows Azure Storage

25 October 2010 - Azure

The Windows Azure platform offers different mechanisms to store data permanently. In this article I would like to introduce the storage types of Windows Azure and demonstrate their use by showing an example application.

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MVVM Tutorial from Start to Finish

10 September 2010 - Silverlight, WPF

Today I am at the NRWConf, a community event of Microsoft-oriented software developers in the Börse in Wuppertal.Beside presenting our product time cockpit I also do a session about MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) and data binding with WPF and Silverlight. Because I do the session code-only (no slides!) I have recorded the content last night to enable all participants to repeat the shown sample.

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Speaking at See# Party about Framework Design Guidelines

30 August 2010 - .NET

On saturday I had the opportunity to speak about Framework Design Guidelines at the conference See# Party in Switzerland. Here are the key topics that I covered in my session.

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TFS 2010 Build and WorkFlow 4.0

15 July 2010 - TFS

After having released time cockpit 1.0, we decided to finally upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2010. The upgrade seemed to have worked without any problem and day-to-day work continued as normal with checkins, branching and merging working at least as good as before. If you read of the changes between TFS 2008 and TFS 2010 (here) you may have noticed that TFS Build 2010 is based on WorkFlow 4.0 (WF4).

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CodeAnalysis, Cloned Configurations and TFS Build 2010

15 July 2010 - TFS

In case you are stumbling across a problem where your build does not succeed because the result file for code analysis cannot be found (Unable to read Code Analysis output report. Make sure that the directory is writable (default is the project output directory) be sure to not have any CodeAnalysisLogFile entries in your project build files.

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Scroll Synchronization in WPF and Silverlight

13 October 2009 - Silverlight, WPF

Imagine you have two ListBoxes with lots of items. Whenever a user scrolls in one of the two ListBoxes, the other one should be updated, too. What we want to do in this article is to create a simple attached property, that allows us to group scrollable controls.

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