Sample Code for TypeScript Article in Windows.Developer Magazine

02 November 2012 - TypeScript

I am currently writing an article about TypeScript for the upcoming issue of the German Windows.Developer magazine. It contains a larger code sample demonstrating some key concepts of the new language.

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app.config in IronPython without additional assemblies

29 October 2012 - Iron Python

Third-party .net assemblies can be easily used from IronPython. If the external assembly relies on a companion .exe.config/app.config file, a config for ipy.exe or an IInternalConfigSystem-implementation is required.

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The CoFX Data Model

07 October 2012 - time cockpit

Extensibility is an important aspect of time cockpit and its underlying framework CoFX. In this article I share a training slide deck that I use in CoFX trainings to describe the CoFX data model.

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Looking Forward to Casablanca [1 of n]

03 October 2012 - C

Those of you who know me, also know my appreciation for c++. Those of you knowing time cockpit will also know that nearly all of it is written in c#/.net with its service hosting infrastructure running in Windows Azure. There is one particular part of time cockpit that will, at some point in the future, receive a native rewrite and due to the nature of it, storing its data in windows azure is a key requirement. Windows Azure, up to now, does not offer a developer story for C++ development, especially considering access to its storage subsystem. This is where Casablanca comes in to play -

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Cloud Computing - was bringt's? (German)

02 October 2012 - Azure

Am 27. September 2012 durfte ich gemeinsam mit Thomas Rümmler von AIT einen Vortrag zum oben genannten Thema auf dem 2. Symposium für Software Architektur und effiziente Entwicklung variantenreicher Systeme der Technischen Akademie Esslingen (Stuttgart) halten. In diesem Blogartikel finden Sie die Slides und den Text für das Tagungshandbuch)

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BASTA 2011 - Workshop About Software Factories

24 October 2011 - Presentations

Ok, I feel ashamed. Already more than three weeks have passed since BASTA 2011 has ended - and I did not publish my slides and samples yet. However, today I finally found the time to write this blog post.

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Session at NRWConf 2011

09 September 2011 - Azure, Presentations

Like last year Rainer Stropek presents at NRWConf in Wuppertal. In his session Rainer speaks about Windows Azure und he demonstrates time cockpit at a booth and during a lunch session.

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Windows Azure Remote Desktop Hint

19 July 2011 - Azure

Just a quick heads up - "Administrator" is not the best user name you could try to use for Windows Azure Remote Desktop connections.

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Azure Sessions at DevConnections Conference in Karlsruhe

06 July 2011 - Azure, Presentations

On Thursday I will do three sessions about the Microsoft Windows Azure platform at the DevConnections conference in Karlsruhe (Germany).

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Storage Deep Dive @ DevConnections in Karlsruhe

06 June 2011 - Azure

Elasticity is what the world of cloud computing is all about. Do you quickly need more storage because of high load on your systems? No problem, in Windows Azure you can store up to 100 TB with a single account and create new SQL clusters within a few seconds. And the best - you just pay for what you really use. In this one day workshop Rainer Stropek, MVP for Windows Azure, presents the storage technologies of Windows and SQL Azure. Learn about blob and table storage as well as SQL Azure, Microsoft’s SQL Server in the cloud.

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