Session at NRWConf 2011

09 September 2011 - Azure, Presentations

Like last year Rainer Stropek presents at NRWConf in Wuppertal. In his session Rainer speaks about Windows Azure und he demonstrates time cockpit at a booth and during a lunch session.

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Windows Azure Remote Desktop Hint

19 July 2011 - Azure

Just a quick heads up - "Administrator" is not the best user name you could try to use for Windows Azure Remote Desktop connections.

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Azure Sessions at DevConnections Conference in Karlsruhe

06 July 2011 - Azure, Presentations

On Thursday I will do three sessions about the Microsoft Windows Azure platform at the DevConnections conference in Karlsruhe (Germany).

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Storage Deep Dive @ DevConnections in Karlsruhe

06 June 2011 - Azure

Elasticity is what the world of cloud computing is all about. Do you quickly need more storage because of high load on your systems? No problem, in Windows Azure you can store up to 100 TB with a single account and create new SQL clusters within a few seconds. And the best - you just pay for what you really use. In this one day workshop Rainer Stropek, MVP for Windows Azure, presents the storage technologies of Windows and SQL Azure. Learn about blob and table storage as well as SQL Azure, Microsoft’s SQL Server in the cloud.

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Moving from SQLCE 3.5 to SQLCE 4.0

14 April 2011 - SQLCE

So today finally came that day, we put our first steps into moving to SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 for our offline database. I was delayed by a day by introducing a new way of managing references to third party components in our build system because I didn't want to replace the Version for the assembly in every project file. How I did that is the content of another blog post though.

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BIG DAYS 2011 - Parallel Programming

28 March 2011 - .NET

At the BIGDAYS 2011, the largest roadshow of Microsoft in Austria with approx. 1,700 visitors, I do a session about parallel programming together with Andreas Schabus. In the session we start with the basics of parallel programming in .NET 4 and C# 4. Based on that we discuss the importance of parallel programming in Windows Azure and do demos for scaling out compute tasks into the cloud as well as a demo for parallel querying using the concept of horizontal sharding in the SQL Azure database layer.

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TFS Build and Checked-In Assemblies

23 February 2011 - TFS

Even though our core dev team is quite small, time cockpit's code base has grown quite a bit. It has grown in such a way, that having all of the code in one solution file and working with it from a day-to-day basis is not a feasible solution. As we have three different areas we work on, Data Layer (DL), Signal Trackers (ST) and the User Interface (UI) itself, we have created seperated solutions for each area. This would work fine just as it is, but the problem is, that ST depends on DL and the UI depends on the ST and DL Layers.

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Powerworkshop C# 4 at BASTA Spring 2011

20 February 2011 - .NET

Tomorrow I will do a power workshop about C# 4 at BASTA Spring 2011 in Darmstadt.

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Custom OData Provider for Windows Azure

16 February 2011 - Azure

Beside working on time cockpit I also do some consulting work regarding .NET in general and the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform in particular. In that context I had the chance to work as a coach in an Azure evaluation project at Austria's leading real estate search engine. Based on the research we did in this project I came up with the idea to build a custom OData provider that optimizes the way that real estate search requests are handled. It shows how sharding can be used in Winodws Azure to massively improve performance while raising costs moderately. In this blog post I would like to show you the architecture of the solution. You will see how I have built the provider and how the possibilities of the Windows Azure platform helped me to create an elastic solution that is able to handle high loads.

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Session at ADC 2011 - Testing and build automation with Windows Azure

14 February 2011 - Azure

Today I will present about testing and build automation with the Windows Azure platform at the Advanced Developer Conference in Munich.

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